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Welcome to ZenFotomatic

ZenFotomatic can crop, colour correct, remove backgrounds and so much more!

ZenFotomatic Wizard

Welcome to ZenFotomatic!

Let's process this photo!

ZenFotomatic is an image processing software which can clean cut, resize, batch process, colour adjust and so much more with just one click.

This wizard will give you a glimpse of what ZenFotomatic is capable of, and guide you through its main features.

Let's get started!

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How to shoot white product photos

  • 1. Place product in front of a plain white backdrop.
  • 2. Set up the lighting to be as bright as possible. We don’t want to lose the product, so there must still be contrast.

If you follow these steps you’ll be able to process white product photos successfully on ZenFotomatic.

Adjust the size of your product photo. These are some sample sizes you can choose from.

Would you like to auto crop?

This setting removes the background automatically. It allows your photo to be resized in any way, and the background can be altered independently.

What kind of background?

We recommend a white background, as that is the standard amongst most online marketplaces.

However if you would like your background to be transparent or another colour, ZenFotomatic can do this for you too.

How much padding do you want?

Padding allows you to customise the spacing around your product.

Padding is the space that surrounds the photo subject.

Let's check what we've got...

Auto crop

If everything looks good, then let's use these settings to process your own photos.

I want to:
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Congratulations! How did your photos turn out?

If you sign up, you receive 10 free credits! So all of the photos you have processed can be downloaded immediately after signup.

If your images turned out something like this, go here to find out why.

Background not removed.

Background semi-removed.

Processing has been stopped...

It seems that ZenFotomatic's process was interrupted, you can start the processing again if you like.

Below are some links to help you get started with ZenFotomatic:

Getting Started
Common Questions
Good and Bad Photos

Try using mask tools to manually change how items are detected in an image.

Did this photo turn out ok?   Yes  |  No    -    Try fixing using Mask Tools
Selecting "NO" will send a copy of the photo to the ZenFotomatic team.
Click here to apply changes
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Size cannot be adjusted here as the current stamp tools size setting overrides this. Please go back to stamp tools to adjust the size of your photo.


Fitting is only accessible if you have Padding set to 'none' or you have Auto Crop switched off.
Fitting mode is used when you want to create space around your photo subject or force the photo subject to fit, despite being too big for the photo size.

Stamp Tools Template

Edit Template

Colour Adjustment

Auto Level

Auto Crop

Auto cropped photos cost 1 credit per photo to download. Buy Credits
Item Detection
Item Detection
Item Super Cut
Edge Item Removal
Item Mask
Padding is only applied where the item sits clear of the photo's edge.
Studio Backdrop Colour
If you are shooting items on a white backdrop, please set this option to "White". Doing so can help improve the auto crop accuracy.
Auto Item Orientation
Edge Line Removal

Backdrop Colour

Border Trim

Photo Orientation

Drop Shadow


Close-ups Grid Selection
close ups grid guide
Auto File Naming

File Save Options

Auto Process

After upload, automatically process your photos to the settings previously selected.


Is there something you would like to tell us we should improve on or you're not sure about?Let us know!

Process Photos

Output Size

Width (pixels)
Height (pixels)

Backdrop Colour

For more advanced options please switch to PRO mode.

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Acceptable photos

Clean, white background. High contrast.

Difficult photos

Messy background. Very low contrast.

Quick Tip!

Upload several folders and 1000s of photos at once via zip file.

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