Best Lighting Environment

The team at ZenFotomatic are working every day to improve our photo subject recognition software. If the photo subject is clear and clean, the process success rate goes up. However, and this goes for all software, it’s still very hard to process white items. The best way to get a great quality photo using ZenFotomatic software when shooting white objects is to first take the right photo before uploading it to ZenFotomatic.

Here's an explanation on how to get the best white product photo you can for ZenFotomatic:

  1. Place the subject between the backdrop and lighting, but as close to the backdrop as possible while still achieving sufficient light.
  2. At the same time, make sure that you put just the right amount of light so that the contours of the product don’t get lost within the photo.

If you can do these two things, you will be able to process white photos with ZenFotomatic.

For ZenFotomatic we suggest using a four-lamp system, but if you feel that you have sufficient light on your subject just one lamp for the backdrop is enough. Otherwise, we suggest you set up 4 lamps to shine line to the left, right, back and front. Of course this depends on your good judgment on what will give the best lighting for your product.

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