I can't upload my photos, why?

There are some reasons that may cause your upload to be unsuccessful. We have documented some reasons why below, and how to solve the problem.

“Credits Required - You require more credits to upload all photos. Purchase credits now?”

At the moment, ZenFotomatic allows users who have credits remaining have up to 200,000 photos on their account.

However, if you have no credits remaining and your account reaches over 100 photos, the pop up below will appear.

The way around this is to either:

  • Delete some of the photos you no longer need and replace them with the photos you wish to upload so you do not pass the 100 photo limit; OR

  • Purchase credits so your storage limit goes from 100 to 200,000.

Some photos are missing?

Please check the file name of your photos. If there are duplicate file names, the latter will not be uploaded. Also, when uploading images on ZenFotomatic, please do not include these characters in the filename:

¥ / : * ? “ < > | # + %

Unfortunately if you use any of these characters, you'll be met with an error on ZenFotomatic. Please change your filenames to avoid the hassle before doing a mass upload.

You may be logged in on another browser/computer

Make sure you log out of all other browsers before using ZenFotomatic. 

Tried to upload more than 2000 photos at once?

Unfortunately the upload limit on ZenFotomatic is 2000 photos. However, keep in mind that you can only drag and drop only 100 photos at a time.

Unfortunately this was not our decision but a browser limitation. The way around this is to either go through the ‘Upload’ button, or, drag and drop a zip file with your 2000 files on it.

Cookie Clear
Sometimes problems occur because your browser needs a cookie clear.

To delete cookies and cache for a specific site in Google Chrome, follow the instructions given below:

  1. Launch Google Chrome and click on the Menu on the top right corner and click on Settings.

  2. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Show advanced settings”.

  3. Under Privacy section, click on Content Settings.

  4. Under Cookies, click on All cookies and site data. It opens a new window with a list showing all stored cookies and cache.

  5. Type the name of the website (for which you want to delete data, ex. Google.com) in the “Search cookies” text box in the top right corner. The list is filtered showing only data from the searched domain.

Now delete individual site data by clicking on the cross at the right side, or clear everything in the filtered list by clicking on the Remove all button. Thus, you can remove cookies and data for specific sites on Chrome.

Similar to Chrome, Firefox also provides option for removing site-specific data. Here are the steps required to delete specific cookies on Firefox:

  1. Open Firefox and go to Firefox Menu >> Options.

  2. Go to the Privacy tab. Under History section, click on “remove individual cookies” link in the last line of text. A window labelled Cookies will open.

  3. Type the website name in the search box. The cookies matching your search will show up in the list below. Here, you may delete individual cookies by selecting one in the list and clicking the Remove Cookie button.

Alternatively, you may remove all cookies that match your search by clicking on the Remove All Cookies button. Thus, you can remove cookies for specific sites on Firefox.

*Keep in mind that if you delete the cookies and cache on Google Chrome and/or on Mozilla Firefox it is at your discretion and we are not responsible for information lost.

If none of these solutions work, please contact us and we will rectify the problem immediately. Thank you!

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