I want to create negative space/adjust positioning

On ZenFotomatic, you are able to select where you would like to edit the placement of your item, whether it be left, right, top or bottom after the photo has been uploaded. Of course we highly suggest shooting the object centered in the photo then adjusting from here. According to what you have chosen, the subject in the photo will be enlarged or decreased to what the software thinks may work best.

Online store owners often slightly shift their product to the right so that they can insert a logo or comments to the empty space, and if there are no inconsistencies with the original photo such as the subject bleeding past the edges of the image, ZenFotomatic will be able to perform resizing automatically.

In ZenFotomatic, if the unedited image is not placed to the edge or corner of the original photo, it will automatically center the subject.

You are able to change the margin value settings to what you prefer via Auto Crop > Padding.

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