My photo subject has changed colour

When running an online shop, we understand the appearance of product photos whether it be its’ position and colour is really important. If the colour of the product in the photo is slightly different to the product in person, it can cause problems for not only your customer, but can create a domino effect that could be detrimental to your online store’s reputation.

Sometimes when processing photos on ZenFotomatic, it’s not that the colour of the photo changes, but rather the brightness and contrast is not set to what suits your products perfectly.

If this is the case, follow these simple steps to make colour adjustments on your photos with ZenFotomatic:

Property panel > Colour Adjustments > Adjust the saturation, brightness, light contrast, dark contrast and sharpness to what fits your photos best.

In the case that your photo has drastically changed colour, this could be due to the colour format of your image. This usually happens with CMYK images.

If this issue occurs, please let us know at so we can add this colour profile to ZenFotomatic.

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