Auto Crop

This is the true power of ZenFotomatic. If you shoot an item (or many items) on a light backdrop, auto crop can detect and position the item in the output photo. But even better, auto crop also creates a mask to separate the item(s) from the backdrop. This allows your photo to be resized in any way and the backdrop to be altered independently.

There are many options available, though using the default settings will work well in most cases...

Auto Crop

Process with Auto Crop turned on works to find object in original photos automatically. This is also related another powerful functions like Auto Centering, Auto Padding, Auto Orientation.

Item Detection

You can control strength level to find object in photos automatically with 2 options below.

  • Auto
    This is the recommended setting. ZenFotomatic will try and automatically detect the objects in your photos.
  • Strong
    This is a more high sensitivity option which helps to detect low contrast objects.


Set the padding between the cropped item(s) and the output photo's border. You can set the top, bottom, left and right padding as a percentage value of the output photo size.

Auto Item Orientation

When set to "On", this option will attempt to automatically straighten the item in the photo. This only works if the item is reasonably symmetrical, sits clear of the photo's border and Auto Crop is set to "On".

Photo Processor Version

The ZenFotomatic photo processor always keeps updating with the latest technologies. However, if you would like to keep using the previous version of the ZenFotomatic photo processor, you may select it.


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