Auto Crop

This is the true power of ZenFotomatic. If you shoot an item (or many items) on a light backdrop, auto crop can detect and position the item in the output photo. But even better, auto crop also creates a mask to separate the item(s) from the backdrop. This allows your photo to be resized in any way and the backdrop to be altered independently.

There are many options available, though using the default settings will work well in most cases...

Item Super Cut
To gain a cleaner cut set the super cut level to high. To gain accurate item colouring, reduce the super cut level.

Item Detection
If your photo has a lot of noise in the backdrop, reducing the item detection level may help. In most cases, leaving the level set to normal will work well.

Edge Item Removal
If your photo has unwanted objects around the edge of the image, this option will do its best to remove them. In most cases a level set to normal works well. If you would like to remove more, increase the level. If too much is being removed, reduce the level.

Item Mask
When auto cropping, ZenFotomatic creates a mask for your photo. This separates the item(s) from the backdrop. There are two mask modes available...

Auto Mask

This is the recommended mask mode. ZenFotomatic will analyse the characteristics of your photo and try to choose the best mask settings to suit.

Custom Mask

If your item mask requires more control, custom settings are available...

Mask Fill
  • Fills in holes within the item mask. A higher value is a more solid mask, a lower value a more detailed mask. If you notice unusual patches of backdrop colour in your photo's item(s), increase the mask fill.
Mask Bleed
  • The amount of bleed (fade) around the edge of the mask. A higher value is a more soft edged mask, a lower value a hard edged mask. Generally you should never set the mask bleed below a value of 2. If you need a more clean cut mask, also apply mask bleed reduction (see below).


Set the padding between the cropped item(s) and the output photo's border. You can set the top, bottom, left and right padding as a percentage value of the output photo size.

Auto Item Orientation

When set to "On", this option will attempt to automatically straighten the item in the photo. This only works if the item is reasonably symmetrical, sits clear of the photo's border and Auto Crop is set to "On".

Edge Line Removal

If your photo has a pole from a mannequin for example, the edge line removal tool will remove this obstructive line for you automatically.

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