Mask Tools

Masks help separate items in your photo from the background. In many cases ZenFotomatic will do the masking for you, though sometimes you may need manual control. Mask Tools gives you this control, allowing you to create custom masks for your photos.


A range of simple, but powerful tools are available for creating custom masks...


Use the pen tools to draw a mask over the item(s) in your photo. There are many different pen sizes to choose from.


Use the eraser to remove areas of the mask. The size of the eraser will be the same size as the current pen tool you are using.

KEYBOARD SHORTCUT: Pressing TAB will switch between your pen and eraser!

Auto Mask

Automatically creates a mask for your photo. This provides a good starting point for mask editing.

Auto Fill

Automatically fills any holes in your mask. This can be a great way to speed up mask editing.

Viewing Your Results

After creating your mask, press the "Process Photo" button to see the results.

NOTE: For your convenience all masks are automatically saved.

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