ZenFotomatic has a range of orientation options available...

Photo Orientation

  • Auto orientate
    Many digital cameras include data describing the orientation of your photo. When selected, this option will use the camera's orientation data to correctly orientate the output photo (if data is available).
  • Same as original photo
    Makes no change to the orientation of the photo.
  • Rotate 90° clockwise
    Rotates the photo 90° clockwise.
  • Rotate 90° counterclockwise
    Rotates the photo 90° counterclockwise.
  • Rotate 180°
    Rotates the photo 180°.
  • Custom rotation
    Set the rotation to any value (in degrees). A positive number will rotate clockwise, a negative number will rotate counterclockwise.

Auto Item Orientation

When set to "On", this option will attempt to automatically straighten the item in the photo. This only works if the item is reasonably symmetrical, sits clear of the photo's border and Auto Crop is set to "On".

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