Setting Presets

In ZenFotomatic, it’s important to find the perfect setting that matches the photographer’s specific needs for batch processing photos.

Once you have made the perfect setup of controls for processing (say for example, for white clothing), you can save this preset for future use - Once again saving you the hassle from remembering specific values for all your settings time and time again.


Firstly, have your settings ready to save. Once you’re good to go, follow these steps:

  • Click the '+' icon
  • Enter your preset name
  • Save!

Easy as 1-2-3!

Setting Presets Controls

When you want to load up a previous preset or none at all, select your preset from the drop down box and your settings will load automatically.

This brings up a text box for you to name your preset. Before creating a new preset, be sure to have what settings you’d like to be saved first set before saving.

If you have made changes on an existing preset, the control panel will automatically notify you of the changes by glowing a nice, bright, noticeable orange. Which preset that has been modified is easily noticeable too by an '!' icon, just incase you have a long list of presets. You can either save the new settings as a new preset if you click ‘+’, or if you wish to overwrite, please press ‘save’.


If you no longer need a particular preset, select the preset in the dropdown box and press the icon that looks like a rubbish bin. A dialog box will appear on screen for you to confirm deletion just incase you change your mind.

There are two methods to using the default settings, so please take care and read carefully!

1. Exisiting selection reset to default

If you wish to change an exisiting preset to the standard default settings, select your preset and press ‘default’. You will be notified by a dialogue box to confirm the changes.

2. System default

If you don’t wish to use any preset setting but you wish all items in the control panel to be reset to the recommended settings, follow these steps:

1. Select ‘none’

2. Press ‘default’

3. Press ‘OK’ in the dialogue box

4. Default settings have been set!


That’s all for Preset Settings for now, if you have any other questions feel free to contact us!


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